Sunday, April 25, 2010

There is Beauty in the World!

Today was an absolutely amazing day! ... and it is my desire to be able to whole heartedly say that about every day. 

It's simple though...there is so much to celebrate about life!  Today I celebrated a wonderful Earth Day with my dad.  We had planned a day in the woods retrieving branches for an arbor we planned to create....but instead he surprised me with a visit to begin construction using the materials we had already collected.
About 2 weeks ago we spent a day just clearing downed cedar tree tops.  A full day of work and this is all we brought back...but it's enough to build the basic frame.

What a great day together, and what better way to spend Earth Day than digging into the earth and working with tree tops to beautify our yard.  So far it looks great...but lots more to do...I'll keep you posted!

Til then, enjoy listening to one of my favorite songs....a little Macy Gray

There is Beauty in the World!

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