Sunday, July 25, 2010

love, love, loving the huayruro

Huayruros are so much fun!  Not only is huayruro a fun word to with me...y-roo-roo...doesn't that make you giggle?....But they are fun to wear!  Here are a couple pieces I've been playing with.  They will be available online next already is :-)
This one is already available online...check it out!

Each of these pieces will be a part of the Peruvian Inspired line of jewelry.  The seeds and stones used to create these beautiful pieces were purchased on my journey to the Sacred Valley of Peru in June.

The huayruro is one of my favorites!  I absolutely love its vibrant color and the way the seeds polish the more they are worn.  

The Huayruro is a seed used by Native Americans throughout the Amazon basin.  These playful red seeds are considered very sacred and believed to promote health and bring good luck.  The solid red seeds are considered feminine, and the red and black seeds are considered masculine. 

Peru...and in particular the high lands of the sacred valley is one of my absolute favorite places.  Each time I visit, I find myself in a deeper place of oneness with all of creation.  It opens my heart and reminds me how to love fully, wholly and expansively.  With every visit I find myself moved by the simple means in which the people live their lives.  I am moved by the deep connection they have with Mother Earth, Father Sky, the mountains, the rivers, the corn fields, potato fields, and with each other.  

During one of my travels to Peru I spent some time in a community by the name of Maras.  10% of the sales from each piece of Peruvian Inspired jewelry will be donated to an organization in Maras called the Andean Research Institute (ARI).

Friday, July 23, 2010

Yoga, Mantra, & Malas!

I just finished creating my first prayer mala!   I've been playing with many new ways of creating...and many new techniques...and I have to say I'm thrilled with how it turned out!  I love natural stones, so that is of course what I used.  This mala is a combination of yellow turquoise, smoky quartz, and carnelian.  

If you're interested in creating your own, I will be facilitating a workshop with MaryKay Marquart at Everybody's Yoga in Green Bay...Yoga, Mantra & Wednesday, July 28th.  For more info visit 

Friday, July 2, 2010

Mother Earth...My Teacher, My Friend

So I´ve been in Peru for a week now and with all that has been experienced...I feel as though I´ve been here so much longer.  Each day is met with an opportunity to open my heart deeper, to create a new relationship with Pachamama, with the mountains, and with all of creation.  I wish I could put this experience into words, but the words are just not there....and what I feel must be left with experience.

In one of Alberto´s talks, he discussed the the known, the unknown, and the unknowable...and it is the unknowable that can be accessed only through experience.  Here in this deeply sacred and connected land, I find the unknowable present in so many ways.  I find my heart expanding in directions and ways I never expected.

Moray, the neusta, the belly of the Mother is an amazing site.  Not only is it visually appealing, but it is a place that so deeply connects me to the rhythms and heartbeat of Mother Earth.  

As I develop a new relationship with the earth, with the mountains and all of creation I am meeting and connecting with so many amazing people...each beautiful mirrors for the perfection of Mother Earth.  It seems that every day presents an opportunity for me to experience life more is my desire to recognize that opportunity every day...and to live each moment in the deepest munay!