Monday, May 17, 2010

Journey Jewels photoshoot...check out what we're gushing over today...

I received one of the greatest gifts an artist & creative mind can receive...a cannon dslr camera.  It was a completely unexpected surprise and one that further ignited my love for photography.  Since receiving this gift...I've been looking for and taking advantage of every opportunity to use it.

Today's camera play included my amazing friend Lisa, her dog Baker, a beautiful white crane, and some of the newest Journey Jewels one of my favorite Green Bay parks, Pamprin Park.

I love this has me gushing in so many ways.  It's a really fun combination of blue & green kyanite braided with wood rounds, a brass button clasp, and a funky dangle of green kyanite, amber, and citrine.  It wraps around the wrist at least six times and around the neck 2-3 times.

Lisa is adorable, and this picture makes me giggle.  What else is there to do with dandelion puff balls than to blow the seeds and watch them dance in the air?  Such a fun and playful thing to that makes us giggle like we're 10...loving our inner child.  In this pic, Lisa is wearing another one of my favorite bracelets/necklaces.  Again...a very versatile piece...this one is a combination of freshwater pearls and both green and red's oh so yummy.

This is Baker...always ready to entertain...and make his territory :-)

One of the stones had a perfect little holder for my lens...

What a great day!  Thank you Lisa, Thank you Baker, Thank you to Mother Earth & Father Sky for the beautiful weather, and thank you Dad for this new and awesome camera!  Truly an amazing gift from an incredible man!  I love you, dad!

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