Sunday, October 10, 2010

Become the Radiant Warrior

"I do one thing every day that scares me" I recently heard someone say.

"One thing every day, huh?" I arrogantly thought to myself..."that's how I live my life...on the edge of every fear I ever held...always pushing my own boundaries."

Oh yes...and my little inflated ego was feeling really good there for a minute...

But then I began to question myself further with a not so gentle "Really? you really?"

Ugh...I hate it when I ask myself that question...but none the less I did...and I realized I wasn't doing things that scare me now.  Yes, they are things that scared me in the past, and yes, I am now living a life that once frightened me...but I wasn't really taking on new risks.

Wow!  That is really exciting!...But that also means that it is time for me to push my boundary a little further.

"Really?  Oh Sh!t" I thought to myself..."There are so many things I still avoid doing because I am scared...and it is TIME to START doing them!"

So I did.  Today, I did something that scared me...& tomorrow I will too...and I know that soon I will be embracing them as a part of who I am.

What is it that scares you?  Make a choice today to take that risk...make the phone call, send the email, say "hi," go for a run (with a crazy hill), go to a coffee shop alone, dance with your children or your husband.  Find your Radiant your heart to her nudges...and Be Fearless!

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